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Create a fisheye horizon landscape for Stellarium


In this blog post I explain how to use your mobile phone and some cross-platform software to create a custom fisheye landscape for Stellarium. This form of landscape is exceptionally useful for planning observations from less-than-ideal observing locations. For example, I observe from my condo’s covered patio. As shown in the image below, my field of view is restricted by the patio ceiling, roof overhangs, gutters, downspouts, trees, and nearby buildings.

Fixing the Adafruit Ultimate GPS with USB-C Linux Driver


In my previous post on the Adafruit Ultimate GPS with USB-C, I explored an issue related to the PPS signal being connected to the Ring Indicator (RI) pin, but undetectable by ppscheck or gpsd. I’m happy to report, that I’ve figured out the problem and implemented a solution to the problem. I’ve submitted the relevant changes to the Linux kernel, but if you need a working driver earlier, visit

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