Raspberry Pi All Sky Camera

Below is a collection of posts that discuss the development, construction, and operation of an open-source all sky camera for astronomy that is built on top of the Raspberry Pi computer paired with a Raspberry Pi HQ camera.

Software architecture for the Open Source All Sky Camera (OSASC)


Initial architecture was written as a single python script discovered that the pi didn’t have enough horsepower to do that split script into multiple parallel processes that communicate using ZeroMQ messages introduced some custom C code to interface with Python Architecture

Open-Source All Sky Camera (OSASC) Objectives


Before continuing my series on the Open Source All Sky Camera (now abbreviated as OSASC), I thought it prudent to step back and discuss what I hope to achieve with this project. As I have often imagined building a company that makes products for astrophysics, I’ve built some commercialization ideas into the project already. Objectives I would like a camera that can watch the stars, let me know when there are clouds, and detect bright satellites and meteors.

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