Open-Source All Sky Camera (OSASC) Objectives

2020 Nov 27 - Brian Kloppenborg

Before continuing my series on the Open Source All Sky Camera (now abbreviated as OSASC), I thought it prudent to step back and discuss what I hope to achieve with this project. As I have often imagined building a company that makes products for astrophysics, I’ve built some commercialization ideas into the project already.


I would like a camera that can watch the stars, let me know when there are clouds, and detect bright satellites and meteors. I want the basic capabilities and design details of the resulting product to be fully open source, but reserve the option to make advanced capabilities or features available for purchase in the future. I would also like to have the ability to generate data products (cloud coverage data, meteor streaks, satellites streaks) that could be packaged and sold to third parties.

Business Purpose

Although the basic information and functionality of this product would be open source and free, it is my intent to commercialize this product in the following ways:


In the remainder of the document I’m going to use the following definitions:

Functional Requirements

These desires translate into the following functional requirements:

In order to perform these operations, the system:

In addition to these requirements, here are a few features which seem like good ideas, but aren’t reasonable to specify as requirements at the present time:

Next steps

In my next post I will discuss the software architecture I will use to realize these requirements.