Android Applications for Astronomers

2009 Dec 06 - Brian Kloppenborg

The QRCodes on the right hand side of each entry can be scanned with the Barcode Scanner for Android to make installation easier. If anyone has additional suggestions, please let me know.

Google Sky Map For the new astronomer and old,Google Sky Map is a handy application. It uses your phone’s GPS to identify your location, and the level and accelerometer to detect where your phone is looking. It is useful for learning the sky for the first time, or finding and identifying obscure objects. Search for “Sky Map” in the Android Market.

CSDroid If you are like me and you travel to far-off obs_ervatories, and you want to know Clear Sky Clock’s predictions for your location, this application is for you. Using your phone’s GPS, the program queries for nearby observatories that have clear sky clock entries and provides them in a convenient list. You can flag specific Clear Sky clocks as “favorites” and have access to them faster. A single click on one of the charts lets you bring up the full graphic The project is hosted on Google Code and there is a discussion group on Google Groups. Search for “CSDroid” in the Android Market

Iridium Flares If you like to look for satellites, or just want to see a -1 mag object come and go in the sky, Iridium Flares is your application. Given either a location you specify or the location provided by your phone’s GPS, this program determines the location and maximum brightness of upcoming iridium flares. If you don’t want to move from your favorite observing site, the program also gives you the altitude, azimuth, and projected intensity of the flare at your location.