Installing Cyanogenmod 7 on the Nook Tablet

2012 Nov 08 -

Several months ago I picked up a Nook Tablet on sale at Radio Shack. I quickly found the stock software lacking in several regards:

  1. You could only install software purchased from B&N’s app store (i.e. no Amazon Marketplace or Google Play store)
  2. Out of the 16 GB on the device most of it is reserved for B&N downloaded content. The user could only place 1 GB of their own content on the hardware.
  3. I found B&N’s interface to be slow, clunky, and un-intuitive.
  4. To be able to write your own applications for the device, you had to obtain a developer’s license. This license was, of course, not free.

Three of these constitute a closed environment which, although permitted under Android’s licensing agreement, is not within the spirit of the project. So I started looking for ways to replace the firmware. Today I found a solution: temporary (i.e. runs from the SD Card) and flash-able (permanent install) ROMs of Cyanogenmod 7 for the Nook Tablet on xda-developers. As with any non-authorized firmware replacement, this violates your warranty. So if you choose to install them, do so at your own risk.