Restic Backup Posts

Below is a compilation of posts discussing my restic backup setup.

Restic Backup for Windows Client


Completing my series on restic backup solutions, this post describes how to automate Restic backups on Windows. The technique I present below uses Windows Task Scheduler to automatically execute a PowerShell script at a designated time. The primary script and its configuration are kept as separate files to permit use of the configuration in both interactive and non-interactive modes. Configuration file The configuration file, config.ps1 mirrors the setup I’ve used on my Linux systems in previous posts.

Setup, configuration, and automation of restic for Linux clients


This is the third post in a four-part series which discusses my backup solution which uses dedicated backup machines, restic, and the restic REST server. In my first post, I discuss how I decided to use restic rather than other backup clients after evaluating various backup solutions over the last six years. In the second post, I setup a dedicated backup server with a btrfs RAID1 filesystem, automate btrfs scrubbing using systemd timers, install restic, and install the restic REST server.

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