Converting from Revelation Password Manager to KeePassXC

2020 May 23 -

After upgrading from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 over the weekend, I was surprised to learn that my go-to password manager since 2008 had been discontinued. Yes, the package maintainers finally dropped support for Revelation. However, given that the last update to Revelation was on July 1, 2012, perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised after all.

In either case, I was in a pickle. I had over 520 passwords to transition into something more modern and I certainly wasn’t going to copy/paste each entry. To make matters worse, Revelation’s CSV export functionality ignores the “notes” field (among others) which I use extensively in my database.

After weighing my options, I ended up writing a script to convert Revelation XML Export data, which includes all of the fields, to a KeePassXC-compatible CSV format. This has a significant downside in that the data are stored in an un-encrypted format during the transition phase; however, that was the only viable option I could identify.

I posted the script up on GitHub, along with operation instructions and some photos in hope that it will be useful to others that find themselves in a similar situation.