SpectraCyber Control Software

2009 Sep 27 - Brian Kloppenborg

Much to my amazement, in early 2009 I was contacted about the code and my undergraduate senior project entitled “Design, Construction, and Implementation of a Radio Telescope to study Neutral Hydrogen.” Because of this inquiry, I have posted a summary of my presentation to the Nebraska Academy of Sciences on my DU portfolio page.

The control software is written for the 1st generation SpectraCyber units in C# and is packaged as a Visual Studio 2005 project. The software is presently configured to push data into a database, but can be changed to use a flat file with a little effort. Additionally, the software can be made to run under MONO (for Linux and Mac compatibility) by changing only a few lines in the RS-232 communication code. Lastly, the code was written to be general enough to allow for use with the SpectraCyber II units, although some additional work (mostly refactoring) will be required.

You can obtain a copy from the project’s GitHub page Please feel free to send me an email with any questions.