I have a broad research portfolio encompassing a variety of topics in the areas of astrophysics, engineering, numerical techniques, and space domain awareness. Most of my work is experimental in nature: I often build hardware or write software, collect data, and then analyze the data to derive results of scientific interest.

Because of my broad interests, I use a variety of techniques to conduct my research:

  • Optical interferometry using CHARA, NPOI, PTI, and the VLTI observatories.
  • Photometry using single channel, DSLR, CCD, and sCMOS sensors at wavelengths ranging from ultra-violet to mid-wavelength infrared.
  • Spectroscopy at visual and near-infrared wavelengths
  • Astrometry using historic glass photographic plate data from the Sproul Observatory.
  • Numerical optimization using grid, linear, Newton-Raphson, Bayesian nested sampling, machine learning techniques.
  • Computational modeling, rendering, and ray tracing. Some of my work in this area, like SIMTOI includes hyper-spectral modeling with 9-dimensional physics.
  • Additive manufacturing using 3D printers.
  • Distributed computing techniques including fog/edge computing.

Curriculum Vitae

For the most up-to-date information on my activities, please see my CV.


For a list of all of public works, please see my page on Mendeley or ADS. When possible, I also post pre-prints to ArXiv. In addition to these works, I also have a variety of technical papers which, for a variety of reasons cannot be listed here.

Posters and Presentations

Please see my archive of posters and presentations


In addition to the papers, posters, and presentations listed above, a few of my research projects also have online resources as listed below: